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  • Location of: Naples, Florida
  • Rated: 0/10 by 29 users
  • Tag: #negative

Basic info about +12393007107

  • International format
  • +12393007107
  • Area code
  • 239
  • Town/service
  • Naples, Florida
  • Country
  • United States
  • Comments
  • 2
  • Views
  • 29
  • Tag
  • #negative

Location of 239-300-7107

  • USA - Florida - Naples
  • Line Owner: Unknown

239-300-7107 Awesomeness rating

Information about +12393007107

Telephone number +12393007107 was added to our database on 26-04-2015. So far 2 users commented this number. It was tagged #negative and rated 0 out of 10 by 29 users.

Telephone number 239-300-7107 is located in Naples, Florida, United States.

Comments about +12393007107

  • Anonymous says:

    Generally, this number was rated #negative. I #rejected the call. I received it #before and the call was made by #anonymous. Location: unknown, Naples Florida.

    Continual calls to my office line. Never a response. No specific time of day calls come in. No messages.

  • Anonymous says:

    Generally, this number was rated #negative. I #accepted the call. Caller is #unknown. I was #called_once. I suspect it was a metro pcs customer service rep Location unknown.

    Had a nightmare experience with Metro PCS today. Ugh. I called C/S about an unauthorized charge on my debit card. Rep couldn’t understand I was talking about my chkg act and not my phone account… about ten minutes into the conversation I got frustrated and asked “what do you not understand about what I am saying to you. ” and I asked for a supv. Next thing he can’t hear me… surprise, surprise the call is disconnected. At this point I’m ready to lose it. I hang up and put a claim in with my bank disputing the charge and telling them I can’t get answers. An hour later I get a message on my voice mail. I Don’t recognize the number, but the voice and accent spot on match to the rep at metro PCS I spoke with, very distinct on both counts… message says this… and I quote word for word.. “Hello, this is she, caller used my name,? you’re so stupid person, your so fuckin bullshit, I hope you will die tomorrow”. Needless to say I’m furious. I call back C/S and ask to speak with a supervisor, only to find out my Metro PCS acct is no longer in my name and is unverifiable. I flipped out. Two calls later and an hour ordeal in their store in brooklyn, I finally have acct restored. Needless to say I’ll be leaving them soon, for good, just gonna finish off my month. Furious is an understatement. Supervisor is “looking into it”. Feel strongly this was all Edwin the customer service rep

Alternative formats for +12393007107
  • 239-300-7107
  • 239 300-7107
  • (239)-300-7107
  • (239) 300-7107
  • 239/300-7107
  • (239)/300-7107
  • (0239) 300-7107
  • (0239)-300-7107
  • (0239)/300-7107
  • 1-239-300-7107
  • 1-(239) 300-7107
  • 1-(239)/300-7107
  • 1 239 300-7107
  • +1-239-300-7107
  • +1-(239) 300-7107
  • +1-(239)/300-7107
  • +1 239 300-7107
  • 001239300-7107
  • 001 239300-7107